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A listener asks about HOMRA’s “No blood! No bone! No ash!”…

Tsuda: It’s “No bra!”

Sakurai: No bra?!

Nakamura: He did say no bra didn’t he?

Tsuda: He did! No bra! No Panties! No *bleep*!

Sakurai: What was that last one?!

Nakamura: No… no what is it… what is it missing…

Sakurai: What’s even worse than missing panties?

Tsuda: That’s why it’s “No *bleep*!”

Sakurai: Something that fits Tsuda-san…

Tsuda: What about “No hair”?

Nakamura: Ahhh… that’s it! 

Sakurai: Ah, I’m such a kid, I totally didn’t think of that! How frustrating!

Nakamura: That’s kinda scary…

Sakurai: It is kinda scary… are they gonna walk around saying that?!

Tsuda: No, no, no!

Sakurai: “No bra! No panties! No hair!” Aren’t they just a bunch of perverts?! 

Nakamura: It’s true!

Tsuda: Everyone shouting that and in full energy!

 Nakamura: The Red King would really be arrested for that isn’t he?

Sakurai: He would be!!!

Nakamura: Like, “Hurry and arrest that guy! That strea-KING!”

Sakurai: Oh so that’s to cheer on the strea-KING?

Tsuda: So he’s that kind of “king”?!

Sakurai: “It’s that guy in the middle!”

Nakamura: “It’s that guy!”

Sakurai: “That guy! Arrest him!”

Nakamura: Ah so, [K] really is like this, right? He’ll always be naked! 

Tsuda: So that’s why it’s “Strea-KING?”!

Nakamura: Anna… Anna is height is just above Mikoto’s hips right? She’ll always be somewhere near Mikoto…

Sakurai: Right, right! She’ll always be in front of Mikoto!

Nakamura: She’ll always be in front, barely covering that part!

Sakurai: Just barely covering that part! There’ll be no need for mosaics!

Nakamura: Yes! No need for those! In recent animes, that part would there would be some sort of light then that part would be completely blacked out right?, but in [K], there’s no need for that! Tsuda: Because Anna is there!

Nakamura: Yes, we’ll make do with Anna!

Sakurai: It’s just like some magician!

(出典: paranoid-rhythm)