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Kamiya: Yucchi, what are you like when you get drunk?

Yusa: First, I get sleepy, and then my voice gets louder than usual.

Kamiya: Ah, your voice gets louder~

Ono: The other day, when we went to that barbecue restaurant—

Yusa: Barbecue restaurant? When was that?!

Ono: That one time with Yasumoto-kun.

Yusa: Mmm…

Ono: You were super sadistic back then!

Yusa: Well, that’s just normal for me, that’s like my default style!

Kamiya: Yeah, that’s just normal for him!

Ono: No, he was even more sadistic than usual!!

Kamiya: When he gets drunk?

Ono: Yeah, he like, threw a wristwatch at me!

Kamiya: Mean! That’s just mean! For real?!

Ono: I was like, “Can I see that?” and then the next second, he was throwing it at me!

Yusa: I don’t remember doing that!

Kamiya: Yucchi, that’s just mean! Even saying that you don’t remember, that’s even more mean! So you’re the type who doesn’t remember things you did while drunk?!

Yusa: Didn’t you throw it yourself?!

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