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A translation of the one of the previews for the Free! Drama CD.. putting this under a cut cos it’s pretty long…

A point of interest:


Haruka: Free! drama CD, Iwatobi High School Swim Club, Daily Club Activities.

Rei: A Scene on a Certain Day.

Gou: Haruka-senpai! Fight!

Makoto: Good job, Haru, here, hold on! 

Haruka: Makoto…

Makoto: Your time went down again huh?

Haruka: I told you I’m not interested in that.

Makoto: Same as ever, huh…

Nagisa: Haru-chan! Mako-chan! My best came up too! Praise me, praise me~! 

Haruka: Nagisa, you’re heavy! Don’t hug me from behind!

Nagisa: Ehhh~ why not~

Makoto: Your best time huh, that’s great, Nagisa!

Nagisa: But Mako-chan, your best time went down as well right?

Makoto: Well, I’ve been feeling great lately..

Gou: Haruka-senpai, Makoto-senpai and Nagisa-kun all improved their best times! 

Nagisa: Ah! Gou-chan!

Gou: The three of you are improving nicely but… Rei-kun is…

Rei: Something’s wrong… I can’t improve my time…

Gou: Looks like he’s having problems about that..

Makoto: Is that so?

Gou: I wonder why though. It’s not like he can’t follow through the practice menus we’re doing…

Rei: Of course, there’s no way I’d be negligent in my training!

Makoto: Hmm….

Haruka: Rei, are you trying to change your form?

Rei: Yes, I’ve been watching world swimming competition’ DVDs and reading materials to look for techniques to apply and change to my form…

Makoto: Ah, Rei! Trying to change your form would result to—

Nagisa: I get it! You should shave down there!

Rei: What?!

Nagisa: I saw in some TV show that shaving decreases resistance through water!

Makoto: Ah~! I’ve seen that program too!

Rei: Just what are you suggesting, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: What I’m saying is, Rei-chan, you should shave down there!

Rei: Denied! No way I’ll approve of that! Impossible!

Nagisa: Eh~ why not, Rei-chan~?

Rei: Why do I have to do that in the first place?! Haruka-senpai, help me out!

Haruka: Nagisa, stop it.

Nagisa: Don’t stop me, Haru-chan! This is for Rei-chan’s sake after all!

Haruka: Rei, just give up.

Rei: Harukai-senpaiiiiiii!!!!

Nagisa: Rei-chan, didn’t you want to increase your speed?? 

Rei: I—…I do…but that suggestion—

Nagisa: Rei-chan, an athlete should do everything in their power to excel in the sport they engage in, that’s what I believe! That’s why it’ll be alright! Just leave it to me!

Rei: N-Nagisa-kun…? W-why are you holding on to me like that?

Nagisa: I’ll shave it cleanly for you, okay~? Now off to the club room!!

Rei: W-wait— Nagisa-kun! Now way! L-let me go!

Nagisa: It’ll be okay, okay~!

Rei: What do you mean it’ll be okay?!

Nagisa: You’ll be super smooth and shiny after this~!

Rei: Don’t say it like a CM for some soap! I don’t want to become like that! No way! NO WAAAAAAAAY!!!!


Rei: Reprise. A Scene on a Certain Day.


Makoto: Rei and Nagisa… aren’t coming back at all…

Haruka: Just a bit more and they’ll be co—


Makoto: I… I wonder if Rei’s alright…

Haruka: Who knows…

Gou: I do feel sorry for him…

Makoto: Well, it’s certainly normal within Olympic players to shave to decrease resistance in water but I wonder if that’s the norm within high schoolers…

Haruka: Who knows…

Gou: Ah, my oniichan shaves…

Makoto/Haruka: Eh?!

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