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Secret Agent in HEM

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Guess what? It’s time for MORE Weiss Kruez horror. Part 3!

I think I enjoy doing this far too much. Yes. I do.

Photo 1-This ones not so much SCARY as it just..weird..those poses, they look like they’re..glomping eachother? I don’t even know.

Photo 2-How cute! Koyasu is wiping Seki’s mouth for him! Which Hiro finds entirely amusing and Miki..is..taking stocks in wine bottles.

Photo 3-Just sit nice and still SO I CAN HAMMER YOUR HEAD. But hey I guess it could be worse, hammering your costars head is completely normal.

Photo 4-I’ve had THIS particular horror on my dash before. Between Seki and Hiro..posing oh so comfortably with eachother, Miki-perv-from-the-bushes-about-to-devour-an-indifferent-Koyasu is still the scariest part of this picture.

Miki looks like he’s wearing roadkill on his head in the last one omg njfsnkjsdkjfs


Guess what?!

I’m not done destroying your brains yet!

Yes,that’s right have some horrible Weiss Kruez photos. Because I enjoy sharing the horror that they are capable of.

Photo 1-Clearly,looking like vampires without any fashion sense, IS AWESOME.

Photo 2-Shoulder sucking! FTW!

Photo 3-Ewwwww. I want to burn that track suit in a FIRE. And take Koyasu’s gloves off..

Photo 4-Trailer Park Boys-Japanese Boy Band Version!


And Koya’s hair on the first pic = horrible, though Miki’s hair = nightmare. NTM The floral print shirts oh gods… Koya looks like an old man in the last one. Seriously.