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ceadotoh whispered,

Hello! Thank you for all your seiyuu facts! I was wondering, do you know why Kiiyan calls OnoYuu Tomoki? I find it funny, but I don't know what it's suppose to mean


Kiiyan calls Ono Yuuki as “Tomoki” just to tease him.

You see, OnoPin’s personal name, “Yuuki" is spelled as「友 樹」, 「」alone, can be read as “tomo" as it is the first character for "tomodachi" (友達), which of course, means “friend”, but it can also be read as “yuu”, like in “yuujin”. (友人), which also means “friend”.

」”Ki”, on the other hand is a masculine given name. From it’s Chinese roots, it can mean “tree” or “plant”, or “to set up / be established”.

Kiiyan is just teasing OnoPin by intentionally reading his name wrong, thus giving the air of nonchalance, though, seeing as how completely enamored OnoPin is with Kiiyan, I think OnoPin is just plain happy Kiiyan actually notices him lol.

Well, I hope that answered your question. ^^

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Watching the GR stage for Flag Nine now… and dayum KISHOW, boy you fine~

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Watching the STARISH stage now for Animelo Flag Nine…. you can guess who has my attention…. /shot

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Dang Kiiyan.

Dat smile.

You bunch of dorks.

More on Bakumatsu Rock radio….


leave me here to perish…. 


Kiiyan and headwear~


Magical Rodeo Kiiyan
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Magical Rodeo Kiiyan

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Taniyama Kishou ~

Hello dear…

…if only you’ve read this post, you could’ve seen that I’ve already answered stuff about Kiiyan…. >A<;;;

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seiyuus (since i dont know how many have mentioned it) and their fav *** positions?

Oh dear heavens you children, why are you asking me this lolololol

Okay just to let you know, these stuff are only the ones I’ve heard so far in different radio shows, there’s not much that I know of, so I’ll just add some more related info and then add some more when I encounter more info….

  • Taniyama Kishou - he says he prefers the “back" position… or, to be blunt, doggy style. And another one of his favorites is the cowgirl or girl on top. Also, he doesn’t care if girls has big boobs or small boobs, anything goes! One of his main fetishes are girls’ toes, he likes it when they have just come out from a pedicure.

  • Suzuki Tatsuhisa - as he said in one of the episodes of the Free! Iwatobi Channel radio, he says that just like Makoto, his specialty is “back"…. again, by "back" they mean the doggy style.

    In one of the Toshokan Sensou radio episodes, when asked to pick from the classic “Welcome home~, would you like dinner, a bath or would you like me?”, line, with the girl wearing a hadaka apron (apron over naked body), he said he would pick dinner and with the girl still wearing the hadaka apron. 

    Also from the same radio show, when asked on which is better,a kiss on the neck or on the back, he said he was more interested on a kiss on the back, and when asked on where it is the most arousing to kiss, his answer was “On the bikini line!”

  • Maeno Tomoaki - also from the Toshokan radio, when asked the same question as Tattsun, Maenu’s answer for the ”Welcome home~, would you like dinner, a bath or would you like me?" question was: "We’re still in the entryway, but can we really do it here and now!? Wait, I’ll take my belt off now—”, which had Tattsun laughing and laughing.

    As with Tattsun, Maenope also chose a kiss on the back over a kiss on the neck, and when asked where it feels arousing to be kissed, his answer was “On the back of the thighs”.

    In the special track of his volume in the 憧れのお店屋さん (Akogare no Omiseya-san) series, in the question “when do you feel great”, his answer is “During times when I c*m…”, which had Yonaga Tsubasa wanting to punch him. lol

  • Hino Satosi and Tachibana Shinnosuke - they have a “technique” of err… pleasuring women which the call “くぱぁ” (kupaa). They describe it as the motion one does when you zoom in into a page/picture on a smart phone/iPhone, either using the index and middle fingers or the middle and ring fingers. And the motion must be done when inserting either the index and middle fingers or middle and ring fingers into a girl’s… err… down there. lol

…those were all I remember right now… I’ll go and check some of the radio shows I have for more on my day off >w<)v

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i was surprised that kiiyan called kensho pervert. i wuld expect him to call tatsun or zakki a pervert. have u ever heard kensho ever say anything perverted?

Hello Anon~

Well, Kiiyan is calling Zakki both a pervert and an idiot. He says “信長ちんは全部乗せ”, “Nobunaga-chin is both of them put together.

And about Ken-chan, aside from the fact that he got harassed by his senpais in the last Bakumatsu Rock Nico Nama, while Kiiyan was shouting at him to run away from the sides…


…I haven’t heard/seen him say pervy stuff. Well maybe in one of his Kensho-sensei episodes, but I admit, I haven’t seen any of those yet, so I can’t confirm. >A<;;

@kishownstarmaps: Baka-quartet meet up! Tattsun is a big idiot. Kensho is a perv. Nobunaga-chin is all of them put together.

@nobunaga_s: Baka-quartet gathering!

@ono_kensho: Ramen! We had some rock ramen (´・_・`)

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