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same :P I liked the color of his tie heh >.> dont worry if i get more pictures ill post them right away <3


divetodistraction whispered,

U liked the ossan? 8D

I’m just trying to make you feel better…. ;w;)b

For divetodistraction who just came back from the dentist lol ILU Nancy, here have some of your tonto ossan ww 

(出典: paranoid-rhythm)

I just ehehe-ed promise I won’t make any other post today!

I don’t trust you Nany….. >.>

divetodistraction whispered,

Happy bday Carli! hope u get all pretty things u have worked for and deserve *O* I send you a lot of hugs and ossan XD

No Nancy, take the ossan back, I don’t need him. Please. 


I swear to god Carli paranoid-rhythm I’ll plan thoroughly your birthday present >_____> XDDD


Eeeeh~ you didn’t like what I posted for you~ but you said “Toshi”… isn’t that Toshi as well~ XDD

he all need some ossan on our dashes right? u are welcome <3333

Nope. Nope. Nope.

do you refer to the bakumatsu rock fanarts? XD or ossan?

The old man ofc.

I was being serious with no aim to tease! he is preeeeeetty handsome if he isn’t fooling around XD

but he has a nice feisu *)3(*