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the coffee is never too sweet 8D


divetodistraction whispered,

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥


Here Nancy, hug this guy instead:

Okay? No me, that guy XD

divetodistraction whispered,

I'd be disappointed if you didn't have like all the gold and bling and money of the world carli~ and maybe a good photo of ossan, those are rare (?) XD

Nancy…. just give me the gold, the bling and the money, no need for that photo srsly =A=

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sugita was tomás? OMG XDDD we need to rearrange things xDD carla’s an ossan character? ehh everything fits ur mexicanized name is carla (?) XD i told u, ppl don’t wanna read about a dull lead like mine, ur tsun makes it interesting xDDD

LOL yeah Sugita was Tomas XDDD And pls Carla is that ossan’s character from Diabolik Lovers, remember??? XD Pshhh Nancy, no matter what you say, it’ll be you and the ossan who’ll be perfs together XD

manuel tomás then xDDD, if we make a poll im sure people would say: no, we mean carli, our true otp xDD, carla and luis atontonio had a torrid romance while evil yusancio tried to break them apart, this telenovela will sell itself xD
manuel tomás was carla’s childhood friend, he, in vain, tried to compete with luis atontonio for carla’s affection, he even copied his hairstyle….but carla’s eyes were always on luis xDDDD haha

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Nancyyyyyyyyyyy the hell are you writing your love story for here???? And Carla??? Isn’t that the ossan’s character? XDD PFFT Gurl don’t push your love story into me XDD

HAHAHAHAHA yusancio and atontonio aren’t rivals for my affection, they are yours, see how people ask u who u prefer? P.S man i need to remember maenopes name, (he has a mexican name? XD)

Nooooooo Nancy, they just mistook me for you, they really meant you…. XDD

I don’t think Maenope has one yet XDD

don’t lie carli xD

I ain’t lying! 

Aren’t you attracted as well with Yusancio and his mustache? XDD

hahahaha its ur handwritting no mineeeee~ xDDDDD -by Carli in denial, Carli Morikawa in denial~

Noooooope~ you were the one who said it~ 


divetodistraction whispered,

✍ "Morikawa may be a tonto but he is MY tonto" please and thank you <3

There you go, Nancy~ :D

divetodistraction whispered,

yusa, maenope, kiiyan xD


  • Husband

Yucchi… just because… he’s the oldest and you bloody well know my weakness for old men, Nancy! OTL

  • Bestfriend

Kiiyan!!!!! I mean, dude! I can get to go VIP to all the GR Rockshows~ =w=)v And I’ll coerce him into teaching me all those wordplay he uses XD

  • Brother

Maenope… well… yeah..well…. =A=;;

Carli thank you ;__; so pretty!

Yeah… it’s such a pretty, yet sad, sad song… OTL