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[Talking about Nakamura Yuuichi…]

Tsuda: He’s like a bear isn’t he?

Sugita: Yeah, a bear! Oh right, he’s also playing as a Grizzly Bear in some other anime! He’s the one who always gets woken up in the middle of his hibernation, going like (imitates Nakamura) “I’m in the middle of hibernating, you ass!!!!” 

Tsuda: Is that so? He makes a good bear, Nakamura-kun!

Sugita: Yeah, he’s good at getting in-character as a bear, sometimes even carrying over the  Grizzly Bear personality over, going like “It’s not like thaaaat!!!” He’s a really interesting bear!

Tsuda: Interesting!!

Sugita: And, yeah, Sakurai-san who plays as Kusanagi, also plays as the Polar Bear.

Tsuda: Ah, I see…

Sugita: He’s another bear.

Tsuda: That’s a lot of bears. HOMRA is full of bears huh? I’d like to play as bear too someday!! Please!

Sugita: As a bear huh? 

匿名 whispered,

hi! thank you for all these interesting seiyuu facts! (^▽^)/ just a quick question, is it true that sugitan, youkyan and miyukichi know each other from when they were at university?

You’re welcome! >A<)//

Sugita and Nakamura first met when auditioning for an anime role. It was Sugita and Sawashiro Miyuki who met when they were still students. ^^)v


Hanazawa: …like when Nakamura-san comes over to my house to discuss the script-

Toyonaga: Your house?!

Nakamura: OI!!!!

Kamiya: Oi! You! Come with me to the back, we need to talk alone for a while!

Nakamura: I didn’t do anything!!

Hanazawa: Wait! Wait! I meant, my seat! 

*She meant to say “isu” which is “seat”, but said “ie” instead, which means “house”.*

Miyano: Kamiya-san, Kamiya-san, calm down!


Tomokazu Sugita vs Yuichi Nakamura



(出典: eleven--whispers)



Reblogging just to add context.

This part of the DGS Festival Carnival Matsuri was when they were re-celebrating Kamiya’s birthday onstage and was “interrogating and arresting” him for being too kind. LOL There were apparently, “testimonies” from people such as Nakamura Yuuichi, Ono Daisuke, Kusonoki Taitem, Namikawa Daisuke and Yasumoto Hiroki and Onosaka Masaya as to how kind and why they like or some tidbits they know about Kamiya.

Some of it goes like these:

  • He’s so kind that it’s dangerous if I write it here… it’s frustrating but he’s too kiiiiiind!”

    Angen Yasumoto 

  • He’s got “kami-sama” on his name doesn’t he…?
    Kamiya-kun… he practices saying his lines by pretending he’s talking to someone on the phone...”

    — Namikawa

  • He asks people to eat out with him by saying, ‘Hey, don’t you feel like eating yakiniku today?’, WHY CAN’T YOU JUST ASK PEOPLE OUT TO EAT MORE HONESTLY?!

    — Nakamura

  • It may seem like a joke coming from me, but that guy, he really said the he’d want to XXXXX with an idol!

    — Onosaka

  • "One time when my throat was hurting, he offered me some vitamin C tablets.  He went like, "Ono-kun, here, these are vitamin C tablets imported from America. There’s lemon, orange and grape flavors, but the grapes taste bad. Here, lemon, it’s the best tasting one!"

    — OnoD