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Yonaga as KIRIMIchan!

Wingu himself would do as a mascot




So cute! It’s good to see them together (not in that sense…)


Suzumura Kenichi

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Yoshino Hiroyuki - Voice Animage 2014 Autumn 

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Ryouma: It’s finally the day I’m waiting for! It was hard work, keeping this a secret! I’m so looking forward to this! Hey, is everyone here?! Shindy, Hijizou-san, Sou-chin… ah—… where’s Sensei?

Takasugi: Ah. if you’re looking for Katsura-san, earlier, he was like, “Sorry, but I really need to go and do something at Fukuouka today!" and then ran off. I tried to stop him but he threw a smoke bomb that vaguely smelled of ohagi at me, saying "Sorry, Shinsaku, but I’m leaving the rest to you! I’m sure you guys will be okay!" then disappeared! Throwing a smoke bomb at me like that, just what the hell is it in Fukuoka?!

Ryouma: A-again… another guerilla live alone?!

Takasugi: Again?!

Ryouma: Shindy, isn’t that why you weren’t present during the last meeting?! Because you were doing a guerilla live alone in Osaka! I was really lonely back then!

Okita: Ah~ ah! You made Tosaka-kun cry,you’re so mean, Sukashi-kun~!

Takasugi: I’m sorry, okay?! And it’s not like I really did a concert! There were just some stuff I needed to do back then, so it can’t be helped. I’m sure Katsura-san has his reasons too!

Okita: When Sukashi-kun weren’t around the last time, I also got reaaaally lonely~, so I’d like you to apologize more earnestly~! Cry~ cry~

Takasugi: Like hell you were lonely! Stop pretending to cry!

Ryouma: Ahaha! Shindy and Sou-chin, you guys really get along well huh?!

Takasugi: Why did it end up like that?!

Hijikata: Well, all of you, calm down for a second. Today’s an important day for us, Ultra Souls. A lot of our fans have already gathered and they’re on their toes, waiting for us.

Okita: Hmm~ maybe I’ll go take a look~… ah~ it’s true! There’s a lot of little piggies with nothing else to do with their lives in there, with their snouts twitching in the air waiting for us, how cute~!

Hijikata: Hey, Souji.

Okita: Okaaaay~

Hijikata: It’s almost time. Though it’s going to be rough without Katsura with us, all four of us should fill the gap and liven up even Katsura’s part.

Ryouma: That’s right! Let’s do our best so that even Sensei in Fukuouka can hear our shouts of passion!

Takasugi: Katsura-san believed that even with just the four of us, we can make this a success, and I have no intention of letting him down on that! Let’s give it all we’ve got!

Hijikata: Souji! We need to show them the raw power of being a top idol!

Okita: Of course! Let’s guide the little piggies into music heaven with our song!

Ryouma: Aaaalright! It’s a guerilla live! Everyone, let’s go!! LET’S ROCK!!

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Happy Birthday Carli san :D
Wish you Love, Kiiyan, and Happiness!

Wah wah wah wah wah

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much omg this is so pretty ;w;)b



Happy Birthday Carli san :D

Wish you Love, Kiiyan, and Happiness!

Wah wah wah wah wah

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much omg this is so pretty ;w;)b


TV show for Morikawa! It seems as if Mr. Axl One will have his own unscripted variety show called Happy-bo-lucky starting on 10/9. He’ll be joined by other seiyuu (Kiiyan, pls!) and presumably get up to silly seiyuu hijinks.

The show will air at 23:00 on TV Kanagawa.

There’s a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and G+ account so far.

「カルマとラビリンス」|「Blue Pandora Box」


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