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Huh? What’s that? That’s unusual~ there’s a cat inside the station! How cute~!! Though everyone else is ignoring it, well, people these days really are busy huh?

Okay~ what are you doing in such a place? You have it good huh? Every day without worries, just relaxing around like this~ I wouldn’t mind being a cat if that’s so~! Alright! I need to get going, then, one last pat for kitty here~!

Argh! It’s too bright!!! Ahh, that surprised me, nya~! Huh? What, nya? I feel like I’ve become shorter nya. Huh? Did I just say “nya”?! Eh?! Someow, my sentences are weird nya… huh? There’s something fluffy in front of me…?! A tail?! And my hands have become paws?! Nya… what the?! No way… I… I’ve become a cat?!

W-what should I do?! Getting turned into a cat in a place like this is troublesome!!! Might it be because I said that I’d like to be a cat or something?! Ah! The cat from earlier! Let’s see…  “That card you were holding earlier is the mark of the chosen hero of the cat world, I am a messenger from the kingdom, here to find the warrior, now, let’s go back to the kingdom and save it!” you say?! D-don’t just pick randomly, nya!!! Though I’d really like to be a hero or a warrior or something, nya! It’s cool, I’d wanted to be one too, nya! But there’s no such thing in reality, nya! Tch, this way of speaking really is troublesome, nya!

Huh? My phone, nya! I can’t push the button properly, nya! Ah? It opened! “The next event has been re-scheduled. Thanks for your hard work today.” Ahhh… thank goodness, nya… No, no, no it’s not good!!! Eh? “Well then, let’s go”? Where are we going, nya?! Aargh! It’s pulling me in!!!

Ah, fine! Since it’s come to this, be it a cat, a hero or a warrior or whatever, I’ll do it, nya! Now, be it spears or guns give ‘em to me! A demon or a monster, I’ll finish you off, nya!!! Just you wait, for the sake of the kingdom, Daisuke-nyan will save you, nya!!!!

(出典: paranoid-rhythm)